Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a bit of curiosity on my part! Things that make you go arggggg!

Hi all
I am a bit curious of things that make you go arggg in Second Life.  I have three things that really yank my chain!
1.  Offering me a teleport, without even an explaination.
2.  Leaving your mic open so everyone can hear your dirty laundry.
3.  IM'ing me as soon as you see me on.  (Please wait at least 5 minutes while I get my bearings.)
OK everyone!  This is not a question.  Have some fun with it!  Run with it!!

1 comment:

  1. The inventory makes me AAARGH because somehow some boxes get lost and other boxes seem to multiply... I am in SL a couple of months now and I hope this gets better. Nowadays I immediately save new stuff in an outfit else I lose awareness the things I buy even exist. Especially since I am not the most organised person IRL..... Before SL I was in IMVU and there you had an inventory with pictures so you could at least see what you were looking for :)

    Another thing that AAARGHS me is people that say they DONT want a relationship with you in SL and then drop you like its hot once I decide to partner someone. HELLO... I am a PERSON, not just someone you IM when all your other chicks are busy -.- I thought I was a better judge of character but my friendslist is down to 10 people now so I must have done something terribly wrong and need a fixup for my peoples scanner.

    LOL I am on the roll here. The 'Resident' thing bugs me. I want a last name! This makes me feel like a noob ghaha.

    And I also get annoyed when people immediately ask for email/skype etc. Other than that... SL is GREAT!