Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you volunteer your time?

 Do you volunteer your time?

Hi All!
Do you volunteer you time here in Second Life!  I do! As many of you know I am a building teacher.  I teach at Help People Island, and at the Happy Hippo building school.  I teach Basic thru Advanced classes.  Help People Island is where I do my volunteer work.  In my opinion, volunteering is a great way to help people, is a great way to meet new people, and it is good Karma too!  I think back when I was just a little noob, and the help that volunteers gave me to set me on the straight and narrow path!  If it was not for them, I most likely would have left SL long ago.  Yes, and my hats off to all of you the volunteer there time!

EDIT:  I want to add this bit!  Maybe you don't volunteer in Second Life.  How about Real Life then!

How about you people!  Do you volunteer!
Tell us about it!

Just a bit of curiosity on my part! Things that make you go arggggg!

Hi all
I am a bit curious of things that make you go arggg in Second Life.  I have three things that really yank my chain!
1.  Offering me a teleport, without even an explaination.
2.  Leaving your mic open so everyone can hear your dirty laundry.
3.  IM'ing me as soon as you see me on.  (Please wait at least 5 minutes while I get my bearings.)
OK everyone!  This is not a question.  Have some fun with it!  Run with it!!

Tell me of you funniest moment in Second Life!

Hi Everyone, and Peace!
I was thinking back over my 4 years and 5 months in second life, trying to recall some of the memorable moments in Second Life.  I think that The Forum Dwellers Party (Hippiestock 11) may be the most memorable moment for me, but not the funniest!  So I began to think back, and I came up with one funny moment that sticks out in my mind!  It must have been about 2 years ago. I was living on the mainland, in Belmeade.  I had almost 1/2 a sim there.  I noticed that some of my friends where over at the Party Place, my friends land where we all went to chat, and to fellowship.  After I saw them on my radar, I did a character test male and turned into a noob.  Then I hid my name and group tag, and sauntered over to the party place where Lenni, and her friends were.  I said hi, and asked where I was.  Lenni told me that I was at the party place, and that it was okay to to hang there.  She is a very friendly person!  I said thanks and proceeded to run about and bang into her fence, over and over.  I then turned around and jumped into the lake, and just stood there.  Lenni and her friend asked me if I was okay.  I said yes, but that I was a bit confused.  I started asking all kinds of questions like, how do I walk, what is the balls on the ground for, why do I look so bad when you two look so good,  how come I walk like a duck etc.  Lenni is a real friendly person, and she answered each question the best she could, and with great patience.  My trademark response to things in conversation is the word "Ahh".  I started saying "Ahh" in response to the conversation to see if Lenni would catch on, all the time standing in the middle of the lake.  She finely caught on and screamed out "HIPPIE!   Is that you?"  She had caught on!  I was busted!  Whew!  She began to chase me all over the parcel, hurling expletives at me!  I think she wanted to beat my SL butt!  When all calmed down, we all just laughed and laughed!  Whew!  So Funny!
Okay!  Your turn!  Tell me of your funniest moment in Second Life!  If you don't have a funniest moment, then tell me of your most memorable moment!

Things that make you Smile!


Hi Everyone!  I started a thread in the "Old  GD forums"  About what makes you smile!  I would love to hear about what makes you smile here too!
So I have come up with 5 things that make me smile, and delight me here in Second   Life!  Here they are!
1.  Teaching building classes at Help People Island, and at Happy Hippo Building School.  I get my greatest joy here in Second Life from this.
2.  Helping someone and knowing that they really "get it"!
3.  Exploring Second Life with my lady and my love!
4.  Building SL Spacecraft.
5.  Hanging out with close friends.
Ok that's my 5 things!
Your Turn!!  Go for it!

Scripted Love

Have you ever written any poems!  I dabble in it, and I wrote this one about Second Life!


With AO on, I walk behind your washed up footsteps.
In a land of no lag, with every step I make trying to turn back time
Beautiful particles streaming all around but now the sand has it captive.
I start a private chat with you and cry out, I miss you, I need you, I want you.
this sandy surrealistic and fully textured  beach holds our life, our love, our being.
the Second Life wind blowing gently around your lovely Avatar
stirs a passion in me like no other can achieve.
I sit waiting for you on my pose ball.
I still hear you, I still feel you.
the multi colored and animated waves wash my tears.
You IM me, sweetly texting me.  "Is everything ok?"
I set my graphics to ultra and cam out over the waves
Far down the sculpti filled shore
I see your footsteps in the sand.
And down the crimson animated shore
I see you standing, swaying to some unknown animation.
I cry out to you! "Let me animate your avatar!.  Sit on my pose
and let me hold ya close."
I'm no longer scared,
I'm no longer alone
I feel you.  You feel me too.
In my heart, my mind, and my spirit
I feel you, I feel you, I love you.

LOL.  Come on all of you poets!  Show us what you got!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hippiestock 2011

Back in October/November 1010 I began to think about a party that would get all the Forum Dwellers in one place.  So I posted in in SL GD "A forum Dwellers Party?"  Later during more blog posts, and party preparations, the name "Hippiestock" was dubbed. On January the 15, 2011, a forum dwellers party came to pass.   So at Lagrange point the forum dwellers party Hippiestock 2011 was held.  Cries of " I can't get there began to ring out over the Cartel group chat.  Against better advise from Suspiria, I began to kick the sims capacity up. First to 60.  Then to 68  Lagrange Point saw a constant 68 people for over 2 1/2 hours!  Over 100 people attended in round robin fashion.  It turned out to be one of the biggest parties ever in Second Life.  A tradition was started.  To me this tradition is that we lay all of our differences, and snarlling and fighting, aside for just one day, and we all get together as one. If only for just one day.  It is my hope that this tradition will continue over the years.  I want to thank all of you groovy Hippies for making this happen.  A special thanks goes out to Suspiria, and all those that helped make this a far out happening!  Yes!  Far out and groovy!